Welcome to Keto Girls Unplugged

Here we go…

Launching a website is hard work. Holy crap, we are not tech savvy.  We apologize in advance for the childlike appearance of this site until we find our bearings.

Welcome to Keto Girls Unplugged: Guide to Foodgasams and Other Shenanigans.
We have been on an amazing, ongoing journey to weight loss, health and happiness. Having a friend and partner in crime (nothing illegal), makes this way of life something that is maintainable. We are just two self-taught women, navigating our way though keto land. Yes, this is “unplugged” and not for the easily offended as we have developed a very colorful vocabulary and quirky sense of humor.

Who likes dieting? **crickets**

No one likes to diet because it feels like you are having to restrict everything you enjoy. We are not about restriction and all about satisfaction, decadence and living/loving life to the fullest.

That being said… We started Keto Girls Unplugged as a way to share this way of life with anyone that has struggled to achieve weight loss, achieve better health and for those that want to  live a more active, happy life.

That’s great but, WTH is “Unplugged?”

We are like the Kardashians minus, the fame, money, and sex tapes. Yes, we love excess. How do you think our asses got so big to begin with?

So, here we are in all of our uncensored glory. We promise to provide comic relief, raw unfiltered life adventures and misadventures, tips, tricks and shenanigans for your viewing pleasure.

Welcome aboard the crazy train of keto life!

❤  Missy & Jai

Author: ketogirlsunplugged

We are just two self-taught women giving the world a peek inside the world of ketoland. If you love food (like we do), adventure (like we end up having with and without intent), then this website is for you! We keep it real, no filter, no hesitation. Here we are, just us riding the struggle bus to a healthy, happy life and hopefully picking up passengers along the way.

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